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If Covid-19 has taught the world anything, it's the importance of social interaction. A few months of avoiding our friends and family takes a major toll on our mental and physical health. For the past 3 years, the Redux Society has been bringing people together with social entertainment. Social entertainment is an activity that requires a group of people and social interaction for maximum enjoyment. Throughout history things like social dance, galas, and board games have been used to bring people together and keep them entertained.



Redux Society has made a name for itself by providing top-notch social entertainment and we are now ready to take on our next challenge.

For the past decade, Amazon has been dominating the book industry. Amazon has driven Borders out of business and put Barnes & Noble on the verge of bankruptcy.

  Publishing companies and bookstores are afraid of Amazon taking over the market and not having any major competition. Lack of competition means Amazon can set prices and drive publishers out of business. Without publishers, all writers will have to go through Amazon. Amazon can pay what they want giving artists little recourse if they want their book on the shelves.


No one can compete against Amazon's convenience. Barnes & Noble is trying to compete against Amazon's online retail experience, and they are failing. Why go to a retail store when you can order off the couch?


That is where Redux Society can make a difference. The Redux Society focuses on social entertainment. People go to the Redux Society for the experience and hopefully leave with some books.


We are counting on social entertainment being the deciding factor in putting in a dent in the Amazon book market choke-hold.


We will be launching a fundraiser soon to create a new kind of bookstore; a bookstore where people come for the experience, not just to shop. We will open our first location in Kansas City. 

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