Community. Creativity. Culture.

The Redux Society was founded in an attempt to answer the question; what makes America great?

After a few years in operation we can confirm, the things that make America great, are the things that bring us together. Arts, fashions, cultures, dances, games, and books are all things that bind us as a community and bring us closer together. We may not agree on all things, but we can come together with an open mind and agree on some things, and that is what makes us truly great.

The year of hindsight (2020) is here and the Redux Society wants to look back through American and world history and find elements from our past that have brought society together. We want to resurrect tradition from eras long forgotten and bring them back into the present with a modern twist. We want people to come together to dance, play, learn, discuss, and create.

The Redux Society is a social experiment. Can we use the past to bring people together in the present? Join us, and let’s find out.








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